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Thu, 06/30/2011 - 11:00
Thu, 06/30/2011 - 12:00



Adriaan Visser, psychologist, PhD; lecturer Rotterdam University; Editor Patient Education and Counseling


Adriaan Visser (1941), PhD, studied social psychology at the Free University (Amsterdam, NL). The published thesis (1984) was on the methodology of the measurement of patient satisfaction. Worked the rest of is life mostly as health psychologist avant la lettre, engaged in education university students (psychology, medical, nursing), research in health care, implementation of health care changes, writing and editing.<more...>


Main Lecture:

The practice of patient education has evolved considerably during the last five decades.  First there was the realization that hospitalized patients' distress was increased by a lack of information. This led to the introduction of patient education in hospitals, showing that patient education could increase satisfaction, and reduce anxiety and length of stay. Much more lately the limited role of educational means was stressed, and it became clear that that there is no effective medicine without communication between health care providers (HCP), patients and their social environment. Slowly, this recognition has led to improvements in medical education and the training of other HCP’s, e.g. nurses. Nowadays doctors and nurses give more information and patients ask for more information. Information available via the internet and patient organizations allows patients to better assess the quality of their treatment and empowers them to discuss treatment options. Recently, e-learning inventions have a strong impetus on the use of modern education means.  History learned not to forget the training of HCPs in communication skills.<more...>



It is not an easy task for young researchers to write articles in the English language and to get them published. This is even truer for researchers from countries with a less strong tradition in an international publication policy.

In the interactive workshop lessons will be about how to improve the chance to get a manuscript published: basic advices and top 10 lessons. Also your main problems during writing an article will be discussed, based on articles you are writing. The opinion will be shared about a distributed article, as an exercise article. Closing remarks about raising your possibilities to publish internationally.  Supervision after the workshop is possible. The workshop will last 120 minutes.<more...>





1.醫師公會全聯會 3.6積分
2.中華民國急救加護醫學會 2分
3.中華民國重症醫學會 2分
4.台灣兒科醫學會 申請未通過
5.台灣急診醫學會乙類 3分
6.台灣胸腔暨重症加護醫學會 申請未通過
7.台灣內科醫學會B類 5分
8.中華民國放射線醫學會 2分
9.台灣專科護理師學會 醫事倫理課程3.6積分
10.中華民國骨科醫學會 申請未通過
11.中華民國外科醫學會 5分
12.中華民國風濕病醫學會 申請未通過
13.台灣家庭醫學醫學會乙類 3點
14.中華民國職業環境醫學會 3學分



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