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2015/Knee health promotion option for knee osteoarthritis: A preliminary report of a concept of multidisciplinary management
2015/Why arthroscopic partial meniscectomy?
2015/Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis Undergoing Total Knee Arthroplasty Have a Lower Risk of Subsequent Severe Cardiovascular Events:Propensity Score and Instrumental Variable Analysis
2015/Role of medial abrasion phenomenon in the pathogenesis of knee osteoarthritis
2015/Medial Abrasion Syndrome: A Neglected Cause of Knee Pain
2014/Medial abrasion syndrome as a cause of knee osteoarthritis
2014/Measuring transport properties of cell membranes by a PDMS microfluidic device with controllability over changing rate of extracellular solution
2013/Relationship between medial plica and medial femoral condyle—a three-dimensional dynamic finite element model
2013/Quantification of Tumor Necrosis Factor-α and Matrix Metalloproteinases-3 in Synovial Fluid by Fiber-Optic Particle Plasmon Resonance Sensor
2013/Matrix Metalloproteases and Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases in Medial Plica and Pannus-like Tissue Contribute to Knee Osteoarthritis Progression
2013/Forced-convective vitrification with liquid cryogens
2013/Experience-Based Virtual Training System for Knee Arthroscopic Inspection
2012/Cryopreserved chondrocytes in porous biomaterials with surface elastin and poly-L-lysine for cartilage regeneration
2012/Arthroscopic Cartilage Regeneration Facilitating Procedure for Osteoarthritic Knee
2012/Application of albumin-grafted scaffolds to promote neocartilage formation
2011/Integration of Fiber Optic-Particle Plasmon Resonance Biosensor with Microfluidic Chip
2011/Matrix Metalloprotease-3 Expression in Medial Plica and Pannus-like Tissue in Knees from Patients with Medial Compartme
2010/Study of cryopreservation of articular chondrocytes using the Taguchi method
2010/Fiber-Optic Particle Plasmon Resonance Sensor for Detection of Interleukin-1β in Synovial Fluids
2010/以高壓電場製備透明質酸 / 第二型膠原蛋白複合微粒最適化條件