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z1060322 Neuropathic pain (張仕勳)
Z1060405 fresh fruit consumption and cardiovascular disease (林聖祐)
z1060503 journal reading 許芳輔
z1060607 journal readingInformation
z1060802 Journal Reading: PPI and dementia (R1 林聖祐)
z1061101 Aerobic or resistance exercise in dieting obese old adultsInformation
z1061203 nutrional management of chronic kdiney disease 何意如
z1070321 journal reading: insomnia pharmacological treat (R1曾顥睿)
z1070912 association of fat and carbohydrate intake with cardiovasculuar disease and mortality in 18 countries from five contients (PURE)
z1071003 Diagnosis and management of bone fragility in diabetes (R2 詹雅嵐)This course requires an enrolment key
z1071024Effectiveness of a Therapeutic Tai Ji Quan Intervention vs a Multimodal Exercise Intervention to Prevent Falls Among Older Adults at High Risk of Falling: A Randomized Clinical Trial. (ERr4張哲睿)
z1071205 omega 3
z1080419 SGLT2 inhibitor and CV outcome
z1080612 Journal club-meta analysis(R蔡斗元)