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z1031015 Case base discussion-HBV reactivation (R 張宏偉)Information
z1031105 community acquired pneumonia (R 張宏偉)Information
z1031105 Migraine vs mortality (R 陳采汎)Information
z1031112 sodium glucose cotransporter in T2D (R 王俞鈞)Information
z1031210 diet and Acne (R 施凱文)Information
z1040610 dementia and statin (R1 陳采汎)Information
z1040805 Gout and DM ( R 施凱文 )Information
z1040902 Ischemic compression and dry needling for myalgia (R 吳建孟)Information
z1040916 Pelvic inflammatory disease (R 張宏偉)Information
z1040916 Walking for chronic musculoskeletal pain (R 施凱文)Information
z1041014 early versus late epidural analgesia for labor (R 吳威融)
z1041202 Target of SBP in non-DM elderly (R 張宏偉)
z1050406 Introduction of allergic foods in breast-fed infant (R2 陳采汎)
z1050608 colorectal adenoma (R2 張宏偉)
z1050706 AST 120 in CKD patient (R1 何意如)
z1050713 low dose CT for lung cancer screen (R1 吳威融)
z1050803 Allupurinal use and risk for fatal hypersensitivity reactions (R1 張仕勳)Information
z1051005 pantoxifylline on renal function (建孟)
z1051012 liver cirrhosis (R1林聖祐)
z1051116 metformin in obese pregnant women without DM