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z1030326 Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (R 顏佐樺)
z1030402 Journal reading (R 張順欽)
z1030409 journal reading: PSA (R 郭育如)
z1030416 How to approach BW loss(R 曾文宏)
z1030430 How to approach patient with abnormal mense (R 張倬豪)
z1030507 CBD aortic dissection (R 施凱文 )
z1030514 Introduction of intergrative approach (R 顏佐樺)
z1030521 CBD: adrenal insufficiency (R 郭育如)
z1030528 How to approach patient with insomnia (R 陳則叡)
z1030611 How to approach patient with palpitation (R 曾文宏)
z1030618 Case base discussion: asthma vs COPD (R 張舜欽)
z1030709 學會海報發表分享 (R 喬嘉及陳則叡)
z1030716 嘉義社區整合式篩檢BC肝 (R 張倬豪)Information
z1030716 膽囊切除與大腸息肉 (R 曾文宏)Information
z1030723 microscopic hematuria (R 張倬豪)Information
z1030723 Syncope (R 施凱文)Information
z1030730 acute pancreatitis and ascites (R 郭育如)
z1030730 How to approach pruritus (R 陳則叡)
z1030820 Apical ballooning syndrome (R 王俞鈞)Information
z1030903 Acute urticaria and mycoplasma infection among pediatric patients (R 陳采汎)Information