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z1020515 Effect of longer term salt reduction on BP ( R 朱正偉 )
Z1020515 Topic review: knee pain (R 張愛華)
z1020522 Breast cancer facts (R 曾文宏)
z1020710 HCV 最新治療方針(R 喬嘉)Information
z1020717 Taste disorder (R 張倬豪)Information
z1020724 Mindfulness and neuroplasticity (R 顏佐樺)Information
z1020904 Proteinuria (R 陳則叡)Information
z1020911 chronic pruritus (R 張舜欽)Information
z1020918 Myths, presumptions, and facts of obesity (R 喬嘉)Information
z1021002 Hypervigilance (R 施凱文)Information
z1021002 Statin in CKD patient (R 郭育如)Information
z1021009 Allergic vs non-allergic rhinitis (R 喬嘉)Information
z1021009 Vitamin supplement in prevent disease (R 張倬豪)Information
z1021106 venous ulcer OPD care strategy (R 曾文宏)
z1030108 Alopecia caused by systemic factors (R 喬嘉)
z1030115 Atopic dermatitis, anxiety (R 張倬豪)
z1030205 Skin manifestation in chronic renal failure (R 陳則叡)Information
z1030226 醫師自我照顧系列課程一:醫師退休財務規劃 (R 喬嘉)
z1030305 常見高血壓迷思 (R 施凱文)
z1030308 BZD and Alzheimer's disease (R 施凱文)