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z1001221 intussusception (R 顏佐樺)Information
Z1010104 Childhood Constipation (R 陳博裕)Information
Z1010201 Influenza Vaccine (R 顏佐樺)Information
Z1010208 polycystic kidney disease (R 朱正偉) Information
Z1010229 Allergic rhinitis (R 張愛華)Information
Z1010307 Differentiared blood pressure (R 陳則叡)Information
z1010411 Screening for lung cancer (R 陳博裕)Information
z1010509 3C保母 (R 曾文宏)Information
z1010516 Extramammary Paget's disease (R 徐念慈)Information
z1010711 Hyperglycemia induced hemiballismus (R 張愛華)Information
z1010718 Azithromycin and the risk of cardiovascular death (R 陳則叡)Information
z1010808 Schizophrenia with OCD (R 喬嘉)Information
z1010829 Cough with honey (R 曾文宏)Information
z1010919 Cough induced rib fracture (R 曾文宏)Information
z1011003 Obesity and skin disease (R朱正偉)Information
z1011017 Tai chi and postural stability in patients with Parkinson's disease (R 顏佐樺)Information
z1011114 Self-reported sleep duration and prediction of proteinuria(R 洪珮慈)Information
z1011121 Introduction to Integrative Medicine/Shortcut to Dietary Supplements(R 顏佐樺)Information
z1011212 Guidelines for evaluating chronic cough in pediatrics (R 張倬豪)Information
z1020102 Geriatric dermatoses (R 顏佐樺)Information