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20191023 R1潘哲毅 Journal readingThis course requires an enrolment key
20191009 R2陳依君 Journal readingThis course requires an enrolment key
z1080911Dysphagia prevalence and predictors in cancers(詹雅嵐)This course requires an enrolment key
z1080814 Saline irrigation for allergic rhinitis, R3 曾顥睿This course requires an enrolment key
z1080717 journal reading anticholinergic and dementia R3林聖祐
z1080703 journal reading R1劉巧雯 anti-platelet after stroke
971008 Diagnosis and Treatment for Urinary Incontinence (R 蔡佩君)Information
971022 Childhood Body-Mass Index and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Adulthood (R 葉昌明)Information
971105 Combined Laparoscopic Surgery and Pentoxifylline Therapy for Treatment of Endometriosis-associated Infertility (R 黃揚智)Information
971112 Chronic Daily Headache (R 葉昌明)Information
971203 Ginkgo Biloba for Prevention of Dementia (R 王晟懿)Information
971210 Childhood Sleep Time and Long-term Risk of Obesity (R 許珮綺 )Information
971217 Common Tinea Infections in Children (R 王晟懿 )Information
980114 Chronic Nonmalignant Pain in Primary Care (R 蕭雅尤 )Information
980211 Weight Loss to Treat Urinary Incontinence in Overweight and Obese Women (R 許珮綺)Information
980311 The Effects of Tibolone in Older Postmenopausal Women (R 曾雲璿)Information
980401 Diagnosis and Management of Sjögren Syndrome (R 蔡恩霖)Information
980422 Diagnostic & Therapeutic Use of Human TSH (R 黃揚智)Information
980506 Aspirin for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (R 蕭雅尤)Information
980617 Fungal Nail Disease (R 葉昌明)Information