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z1080904藥品說明會(Urief)This course requires an enrolment key
z1080731 藥品說明會 takepron, dexilant
971001 Effectiveness & Safety of Dual Pathway Inhibition of Hypercholesterolemia- Ezetimibe (陳志暐 醫師)Information
971015 不孕症與生殖醫學 (洪英俊 醫師)Information
971105 Getting Maximal Benefit from Fixed-dose Combination Therapy- Glucomet (陳霆昌 醫師)Information
971203 營養對管理糖尿病的重要性- 亞培Information
980107 Approach to the Patients with Sleep Disorders (馮清世 醫師)Information
980114 Therapeutic Options to Improve Achievement of Cholesterol Treatment Targets- LipanthylInformation
980204 Treatment of Hyperlipidemia- CrestorInformation
980218 Glaucoma (羅仕華 醫師)Information
980304 Osteoporosis- Fosamax (連偉成 醫師)Information
980311 Chronic hepatitis B (曾國枝 醫師)Information
980415 兒童發展遲緩之評估與復健 (丁瑜萱 醫師)Information
980422 The Role of ARB Therapy- Olmetec (陳品汎 醫師)Information
980520 The Basal Insulin- Levemir ( 陳霆昌 醫師)Information
980617 A Novel DPP-4 Inhibitor for T2DM- Januvia (連偉成 醫師)Information
980715 Intensive Glycemic Control & Cardiovascular Outcome- Avandia (陳霆昌 醫師)Information
980805 Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Women, LUTS (許鈞碩 醫師)Information
980812 Approach to Patients with Headache (黃詠嵩 醫師)Information
980909 New Solution for Osteoporosis- AclastaInformation