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z1090115 DM藥物Soliqua 新陳代謝科陳霆昌醫師This course requires an enrolment key
z1081218 GalvusMet-VERIFY studay 新陳代謝科陳霆昌醫師
z1081106褥瘡照護及常用敷料介紹This course requires an enrolment key
z1081106 C肝治療新知This course requires an enrolment key
Z1081002 Aclasta 骨科謝明宏醫師
z1080904藥品說明會(Urief)This course requires an enrolment key
z1080731 藥品說明會 takepron, dexilant
971001 Effectiveness & Safety of Dual Pathway Inhibition of Hypercholesterolemia- Ezetimibe (陳志暐 醫師)Information
971015 不孕症與生殖醫學 (洪英俊 醫師)Information
971105 Getting Maximal Benefit from Fixed-dose Combination Therapy- Glucomet (陳霆昌 醫師)Information
971203 營養對管理糖尿病的重要性- 亞培Information
980107 Approach to the Patients with Sleep Disorders (馮清世 醫師)Information
980114 Therapeutic Options to Improve Achievement of Cholesterol Treatment Targets- LipanthylInformation
980204 Treatment of Hyperlipidemia- CrestorInformation
980218 Glaucoma (羅仕華 醫師)Information
980304 Osteoporosis- Fosamax (連偉成 醫師)Information
980311 Chronic hepatitis B (曾國枝 醫師)Information
980415 兒童發展遲緩之評估與復健 (丁瑜萱 醫師)Information
980422 The Role of ARB Therapy- Olmetec (陳品汎 醫師)Information
980520 The Basal Insulin- Levemir ( 陳霆昌 醫師)Information