Case based discussion

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z1030730 acute pancreatitis and ascites (R 郭育如) Information
z1031015 Case base discussion (R 張宏偉)Information
z1040121 fish bone in finger (R 王俞鈞)Information
z1040311 dizziness (R 張宏偉)
z1040506 CBD_interactive CBD(R2 張舜欽)
z1040603 Hand numbness (R2 施凱文)Information
z1040624 Epigastric pain (Intern 陳慧卿)Information
z1040701 張宏偉 Bell's palsy
z1040805 Rubella vaccination and pregnancy ( R 陳采汎 )Information
z1041007 Hypoglycemia in non-DM patient (R 何意如)Information
z1041125 Case based discussion secondary hypertension (R1吳威融)
z1050106 chronic dry cough (R1 吳建孟)Information
z1050413 diabetes with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
z1050511 Pregnancy and Dyslipidemia (R 施凱文)Information
z1050608 Meniere's disease (R1 吳威融)
z1050629 malignancy screen in anxiety patient (R3 郭育如)
z1051102 2 cases of vertigo (R2 吳建孟)
z1051116 Bruise (R1 林聖祐)
z1051207 acute pelvic pain (R1 張仕勳)
z1051214 lung abscess (R3 陳采汎)