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Z1090219 EBM alpha antaagnist ping-i liuThis course requires an enrolment key
z1090129 EBM R1莊崇怡
z1081218 White Coat Hypertension & complication R1潘哲毅
971119 Treatement for Ganglion Cyst (R 許珮綺)Information
971217 Treatment for Bipolar Disorder (R 黃揚智)Information
980218 Long-term Pharmacology for Obesity and Overweight (R 曾雲璿)Information
980318 DPP4-inhibitor for Glycemic Control (R 蔡恩霖)Information
980520 Systemic Corticosteroids for Acute Gout (R 蔡佩君)Information
980715 Oral Contraceptives vs Cardiovascular Outcomes (R 蔡佩君)Information
980902 Asymptomatic Goiter vs Abnormal Thyroid Function (R 許珮綺 )Information
980909 Tocolytic Agents vs Threatened Abortion (R 盧韋勳)Information
981007 Mobile Phone Use vs Brain Tumor (R 葉昌明)Information
981104 Acyclovir vs Treatment of Herpetic gingivostomatitis (R 張愛華)Information
981223 Vitamin B vs Peripheral Neuropathy (R 蕭雅尤)Information
990113 Aspirin vs Secondary Prevention of Ischemic Stroke (R 黃揚智)Information
990317 Antidepressants for Patient of Parkinson's Disease Complicated with Depression (R 盧韋勳)Information
990324 Surgery vs Positive Airway Pressure for Sleep Apnea (R 許珮綺)Information
990407 Rituximab for the Treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (R 王彥迪)Information
990505 Exclusion of Antigenic Foods in Lactating Women vs. Atopic Disease in Children (R 蕭雅尤)Information
990818 Is Hepatitis B Vaccine Booster Necessary for All Nonresponders? (R 張愛華)Information